• PT Teak Line Collection
  • JL. Jendral Sudirman, Gang Laut 8A
  • 59418 Jepara – Central Java - Indonesia

Our company’s history

"Teak Line Collection" is the brand name used by the Belgium registered company BVBA Cristimar. Cristimar has been trading since 1980 and since 2002 commenced manufacturing and directly supplying high end full teak wood bathroom furniture to many clients globally.

As a consequence of the high quality demand applied upon Indonesian manufacturers and suppliers by Cristimar, the Cristimar Belgian head of QC was dispatched to Indonesia and quickly established and set up a directly managed Cristimar production line, this move resulted in the formation of "PT Teak Line Collection" (TLC) in December 2004.

A manufacturing base and factory was set up in Jepara Indonesia, to meet the stringent quality standards TLC required to achieve in our excellent products.

In addition to investment in qualified staff and training, the factory was equipped with woodworking machines, including two computerized ovens. (HB-100 H from the company HB Cooling and engineering based in Almelo Holland). This investment and focus gave TLC production a head start on most other manufacturers.

Over time, additional equipment, including but not limited to, planners, spindles, jointers, glue press, circular saws, cross cuts, panel saws, ten on machines were installed. This attention to detail and re investment into the company has resulted in the current professional and quality production chain.

Highly skilled local carpenters were recruited and additional training was provided. We now have a team of experienced supervisors, machine operators, production and quality staff.

Many of our products are assembled applying the template method, to ensure that dimensional accuracy and that the product quality standard is excellent.

The products we manufacture are controlled from the outset, the purchase of the logs until the final products are packed and shipped. We apply our own high quality standards, and frequently receive requests from other companies to provide their specific outsourced products with our specific quality standards.

Over the years our product range has extended from natural teak bathroom to include indoor and outdoor kitchens, indoor furniture and a variety of other items. We maintain at all times, the highest quality standards in our production and products.

Our Policy

During 2016 Indonesia launched FLEGT licensing, an EU action plan which aims to tackle illegal logging by improving forest governance and promoting trade in legal timber products. Teak Line Collection complies with this and other regulations. Prior to 2016 and the implementation of FLEGT our company underwent a comprehensive audit to qualify for SVLK Sistem Verifikasi Legalitas Kayu. (Timber source legality verification).

Since that time we undertake an annual audit to ensure compliance is maintained. The SVLK audit is comprehensive and not only assures the legality of the wood we use, it also extends to the working environment and air quality, the water consumed and the working conditions and circumstances of all factory labor.

We are very proud to wholeheartedly participate with these organizations, to be able to say with confidence that all our products are made from wood that is harvested according to the guidelines of regulatory organizations, with a sustainable reforestation programs. That our company acts responsibly, maintaining our environmental responsibilities, maintaining a health and safety and an employee welfare policy that supports our company dependability and excellence.

Our Warranty

All our shipped products come with a two year warranty on hidden construction errors.

Specific Hardware and attached components

In general the client can decide the specific hardware to fit to your purchase. Selected brands of complimentary hardware, such as Häfele (from Germany) and Salice (from Italy) are commonly used. When our furniture connections require adhesive and are glued together, Teak Line Collection use Lamello®. And a polyurethane based glue, Excel one.